In the Studio

Welcome to Headliners

Headliners UK is a charity which inspires and encourages the personal development of young people through journalism.

Young people are trained to research and produce stories on issues important to them for publication and broadcast in national and local newspapers, magazines, television, radio and online.

What We Do


Young people are at the centre of Headliners and get involved in decision making at every level. We assist other organisations to develop participation strategy by training adults and young people in areas such as the recruitment of staff, business planning and influencing policy in their communities. Young people from Headliners can become trustees after the age of 18.

Partnership and Outreach

Headliners works in partnership with voluntary and government organisations, raising the voice of young people in their own communities.

Our focus is on young people who are isolated or at risk of exclusion, those who are disabled or have experienced being in care and young people from minority groups.

We work on an outreach basis with many groups in their own communities, but also aim to bring young people together in our centres in London, Newcastle, Belfast and Foyle to learn from each other and celebrate diversity.

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