Get Involved

Get Involved

We are always looking for new young people to work with creating exciting, dynamic and inspiring radio.

So if you are a young person, youth group, school, pupil referral unit, youth offending team or involved in any other way with young people, and are looking for a great way to engage, empower and gain an accredited qualification for yourself or young people get in touch!

Headliners works in a way that lets young people lead in all the decision making, story ideas, interviewing, editing, presenting, and reporting.

Right now we are looking for young people and groups in Tower Hamlets and Hackney to take part in a radio project based around the Olympics. This project is running throughout 2012.

If you are interested contact Jacob Brown
020 7749 9360 or

Headliners has bases in London, the North East, Belfast and Foyle, so if you are located near one of them get in touch directly. You can find all the details you need on our contacts page.

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