2012 Olympics

2012 Olympics

Podcasts looking at the biggest show on earth, the 2012 Olympic London. Our young reporters file their reports on all things Olympic from legacy, involvement and more!

Child Trafficking

June 2012

Nearly 2 and a half million people are trafficked every year. Half of them are children.
Headliners reporters from Central Foundation Girls School in Mile End, London, investigate whether the traffickers will use the influx of Olympic tourists to mask their activities?

Headlympics: Show 1

May 2012

What happens when you mix Headliners unique brand of journalism with the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics? HEADLYMPICS!

Headlympics is a podcast created by the young people we have been nurturing and training to become journalist, reporters, presenters and producers.

This is the first of four shows diving into the Olympics like Tom Daley. You do not have to be a sports fan to find something interesting in these shows, we are investigating everything from the showbiz opening, the impact the Games will have on our already multicultural make-up, will the vibrations of last summers riots have any affect on ticket sales, what will the legacy actually look like and we speak to 9 times Paralympics gold medalist Chris Holmes about losing his sight at 14 and how to swim in a straight line when you’re blind.

Will the Riots of 2011 Impact on 2012?

April 2012

Did the riots change London? Has the atmosphere improved now people’s voices have been heard? Can the London 2012 Games bring the capital together?

2012 – Capital Mix

February 2012

Seven young people from three different areas of Tower Hamlets came together for this Headliners radio project.

Their task: To investigate the Olympic and Paralympic values – respect, excellence, friendship, courage, determination, inspiration and equality – and produce podcasts investigating the impact the Games will have.

2012 Legacy

January 2012

Can the Olympic re-fit, lick of paint and new facilities in east London bring an air of harmony to the area, and will it stay after the Games have finished?

More 2012 Olympics and Paralympics podcasts can be found here!

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